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Hungry Planet Lyrics - The Byrds

Hungry Planet Song by The Byrds

Hungry Planet Lyrics:

I'm a hungry planet, I had a youthful face
They were in hurry to go to outer space
They needed bombs and tungsten, ore and iron too
So they climbed and they dug and they blew divided me right in two

I'm a hungry planet orbiting in the sky
The things they did to hurt me pass on by and by
Now here I am all alone, they never ever learn
Well I had to shake and quake and make their houses burn

I'm a hungry planet, I had the blueest seas
All the people kept chopping down all my finest trees
Poisening my oxygen, diggin' in my skin
Takin' more out of my earth than they'll ever put back in
I'm a hungry planet

Written by: S. Battin, K. Fowley, R. McGuinn

The Byrds - Hungry Planet (Audio)

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