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KATTEY lyrics - Ram Sampath, Hard Kaur, Bhanvari Devi

KATTEY lyrics - Ram Sampath, Hard Kaur, Bhanvari Devi - Coke Studio India 3
KATTEY lyrics - Ram Sampath, Hard Kaur, "Bhanvari Devi" - MTV Coke Studio

"Kettey" is a beautiful Hip Hop traditional song, sung by Bhanvari Devi and Hard Kaur. One of the most interesting collaborations to ever come up on Coke Studio @ MTV, is this crazy mix-up of two completely different worlds -- Bhanvari Devi's traditional, power house Rajasthani vocals, fuses with Hard Kaur's scorching rap on her personal life journey displaying her genuine rapping skills.
The end product is a burst of energy, unlike anything you've heard before. Two outlaws from two different universes come together in this Ram Sampath song to celebrate freedom, rebellion & belonging.

Kattey Lyrics Translation: Now read full lyrics of 'Kattey' with full English and Hindi Translation.

Song Details:
Song: Kattey
Singers: Bhanvari Devi & Hard Kaur
Composer: Ram Sampath
Composition: Traditional Composition. Additional parts Produced & Composed by Ram Sampath
Lyrics By: Traditional Lyrics & Rap by Hard Kaur
Keys: Ram Sampath
Drums: Jai Row Kavi
Guitar: Nirdosh Sobti
Guitar: Sanjoy Das
Percussions: Swarupa Ananth
Bass: Keshav Iyengar
Harmonium: Kishan Kumar
Viola: Shirish Malhotra
Mixed By: Ram Sampath & Yash Divecha at OmGrown Music, Mumbai
Mastered By: Yash Divecha at OmGrown Music, Mumbai

KATTEY lyrics with English & Hindi Translation -

Sanwariyo ghat mai re, Ramaiyo ghat mai
(English: Sanwariya (Sanwariya Means her Husband) is in my heart, Ram (God Ram) is in my heart)
(Hindi: Bhagwan Ram or Mere Pati Mere Dil mein hai)
Sanwariyo ghat mai re, Ramaiyo ghat mai
Thaane kattey, thaane kattey
(Hindi: Aap ko Kaha)
Thaane kattey, thaane kattey
Thaane kattey dhoondba jaaun re
(English: where should I go to find you?)
(Hindi: Aap ko kaha Dhundhane jau me)
Sanwariyo ghat mai,
(English: My Love is in my Heart)
(Hindi: Mera pyar mere dil me hain)
Ho.. o...

Birhma dekhya Bishnu dekhya
(English: I've Seen Lord Brahma, seen Lord Vishnu)
(Hindi: Bhagwan Brahma or Vishnu Ko dekha hai)
Birhma dekhya Bishnu dekhya
(English: And have seen Goddess Saraswati)
(Hindi: Our Devi Sarswati ko bhi dekha)
Dekhi Sarosat maai re..
Dekhi Sarosat maai re..
Sanwariyo ghat mai
Thaane kattey, thaane kattey
Thaane kattey, thaane kattey
Thaane kattey hawaalva jaaun re
Sanwariyo ghat maa
Ho.. o...

MTV, Mr. Ram Sampath yo, this is how we do yo yo
Hardkaur and I always did it my way, don't like what I say you need to hit the highway,
Give it to you straight boy no sideways, this is my world all ya punks need to migrate.
Yeah cuz I'm certified fresh, kill it in a man's world... better then the rest.
Determined in my mind so I know what my future is,
Top of the world I rock all metropolis..
I rock the people them, time and time again, many many men, with my paper pen, time time again
Do what I do to the death till you reach the top
Don't won't can't should a could never ever stop.
Solo soldier I ain't Mrs. Smith, Do it big I'm hip-hop's monolith
Some girls sell their souls for a cameo role but I'm that type of chick that ya can’t ignore..word

Ram dekhya Lakshman dekhya
(English: I've seen Lord Ram, and Lord Lakshman)
(Hindi: Bhagwan Ram or Lakshman Ko bhi dekha)
Ram dekhya Lakshman dekhya
Dekhi Sita maai re
(English: and have seen Sita Mata)
(Hindi: our Sita Mata ko bhi Dekha)
Ha ji dekhi Sita maai re
Sanwariyo ghat mai
Thaane kattey, thaane kattey
Thaane kattey waalva jaaun re..
Sanwariyo ghat maa
Ho.. o ..

Word to the wise this is something I was told.
Always walk the brave path never fear no soul, never let a man take my shine.
I stay no. 1, I stay first, I seen too much hunger, too much thirst and
Sometimes I wonder how the hell am I still alive.
84 was the year that changed my life.. already had my mind made up at the age of five,
Coz I remember that’s the day that my daddy died
Watched as the close ones changed their behavior but I was alone only mama was my savior,
She use to beat my ass but I didn't blame her, for making me who I am today yo I rate ya.
You know you could never break me with your words, it hurts but I never give up like those birds.
I got the lord by my side and it’s my mind and my life and my right.. it’s my world.
Chose my weapons wisely, you can’t break me
93 I found the sound that would save me.
For every single time my step father try to rape me.. Man you don't know what music gave me.
I ain't no slumdog... I'm a millionaire... so what ya saying dog are you ready there.
Yeah and I don't need companions... yes sir you know I'm a champion.

Keru dekhya Paandu dekhya
(English: have seen Kauravas, or seen Pandavas)
(Hindi: Kaurav or Pandav ko bhi dekha)
Keru dekhya Paandu dekhya
Dekhi Dropad maai re..
(English: and have seen Draupadi Mata)
(Hindi: our Draupadi Mata ko bhi Dekha)
ha ji dekhi Dropadi maai re
Sanwariyo ghat mai
Thaane kattey, thaane kattey
Thaane kattey, thaane kattey
Thaane kattey dhoondba jaaun re
Sanwariyo ghat maa
Ho.. o..

All my ladies in the world
You better put your fist up
All my sisters in the world
You better put your fist up

'Kattey' - Ram Sampath, Bhanvari Devi, Hard Kaur - Coke Studio @ MTV Season 3
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Kattey - Behind The Music

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